OBLIQUE has many things to offer you in your homeschool journey. We have several veteran homeschoolers that are more than willing to help you, along with many new homeschoolers who bring vibrancy to the group. If you would like more information about OBLIQUE click here .

The name OBLIQUEducators means: Olive Branch Learning, Interactive, Quality, Unique Educators. "Oblique" also refers to a change or slant from the regular course. Homeschooling is a different type of educational choice from traditional "school". We believe that education at home is not limited to certain times, places, or activities, but is a complete lifestyle.
We are a community of homeschoolers located in Northwest Mississippi, whose goal is to develop relationships through homeschooling, but more importantly, deepening friendships that go beyond homeschooling. We are more than just homeschoolers and the purpose of this group is to be a support in all areas.

One way we endeavor to meet the needs of homeschoolers is through a wide variety of activities. These include skating days, IMAX Theatre shows, Mom's Night Out, Lichterman Nature Center hikes, Zoo Classes, Kid's Craft nights, Mom's Book Discussion, and a variety of field trips offered in and around the surrounding area. There is a $10/family annual fee to help cover expenses incurred for the group.

Current Events

IMAX Pink Palace!

Tuesday, August 27th from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

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